Environmental Policy


ESSKAY Construction Services Limited will make every effort to protect the environment. The company will maintain and continue to enhance its environmental protection controls.


  • It is therefore the policy of our company to:
  • Conduct all of its operations with the applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards as is set by the state.
  • Adopt the appropriate local standards or industry best practice in order to protect Employees and the environment.
  • Minimize the generation of waste materials and reduce or eliminate hazardous waste.
  • ┬áControl pollution, effluent, emissions and other waste at source, using the most appropriate methods, procedures and processes.
  • Educate and train our Employees in the identification of environmental issues and their responsibilities for environmental protection as well as the required actions necessary to protect the environment and ESSKAY Construction Services Limited
  • All environmental incidents must be reported to the company.
  • Conduct an Environmental Risk Assessment.

In order to adequately manage our Environmental Program, we must firstly review our operations and determine the environmental aspects, the potential impacts and control measures required to mitigate any adverse impacts to the environment. It is our solemn commitment to conduct our activities without causing harm to the environment in an effort to preserve it for future generations.

Mr. Surath Khan
Managing Director

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