Substance Abuse Policy


This policy establishes rules and procedures concerning drugs and alcohol in the workplace to maintain a work environment that is safe for Employees and conducive to high work standards. Consistent with that commitment and with its commitments under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2004 (“The OSH Act”) and the amendments thereto, the Company has developed this Policy regarding Substance Abuse.



The Company prohibits the following at all Company work locations, including project sites:

  • Use or possession of prohibited drugs, including inhalants, and unauthorized alcoholic beverages
  • Any Employee’s being under the influence of these drugs or beverages
  • Measurable presence of prohibited drugs or alcohol in a Employee’s body as determined by urine, blood, or other accepted testing procedure
  • Tampering with a test specimen or using a substance or device designed to falsify test results
  • Prohibited drugs include, but are not limited to:-
    • Cannabis Sativa aka marijuana, pot, weed, ganja, grass, hashish, herb,skun
    • Benzoylmethylecgonine or methyl aka cocaine, coke, snow, stardust, crack
    • Hallucinogens, egs: LSD, Psilocybin (mushrooms, seeds, fungi), marijuana
    • Depressants, egs: tranquilizers, barbiturates, inhalants, aka redbirds, peanuts, V’s
    • Stimulants, egs: cocaine, methamphetine, nicotine, speed, caffeine, aka coke, candy
    • Medication not prescribed for current personal treatment by a licensed physician.
  • As a condition of employment or continued employment at all Company locations, all prospective and incumbent Employees must consent to the collection of bodily fluids for drug or alcohol testing. Employees may be requested to sign forms documenting this consent, but an Employee’s continuation in the Company’s employment evidences in itself the Employee’s consent, and a signed consent form is not required.


Right to Search

  • Entry into any Company work location is conditional on the Company’s right to search entrants and their personal effects and vehicles for prohibited drugs and drug paraphernalia, alcoholic beverages, or unauthorized property or equipment. Authorized Company representatives may make periodic, unannounced searches of any Company work location or of anyone entering a work location. Work locations include project sites, offices, rooms, shops, lockers, toolboxes (personal and Company-owned), vehicles, mobile equipment, vessels, aircraft, and other means of Company and job-site transportation.
  • Personal searches may be made of Company Employees and Employees of subcontractors doing business with the Company. Prohibited drugs and paraphernalia,
  • alcoholic beverages, or unauthorized property discovered during searches may be taken into custody and may be turned over to appropriate law enforcement authorities.



The Company may employ substance abuse (including drug and alcohol) testing programmes at any Company location. Substance abuse testing procedures are conducted under the following circumstances:

  • Pre-employment Prospective Employees must pass a substance abuse test before they are eligible for employment.
  • Post-accident. Employees involved in job-related accidents requiring medical treatment or causing substantial damage where the Employee, operator, or driver is at fault are tested. Employees involved in accidents that have the potential to cause damage or injury may be tested.
  • Random. Periodically, Employees are randomly selected for testing from a computer-generated list.
  • Confirmed positive test results indicating the presence of a prohibited substance in an Employee’s urine or blood are considered sufficient evidence of a violation of this policy and will result in the termination of Employee or preclude the hiring of a prospective Employee.



The Company’s Substance Abuse Testing Programme is administered by the company’s administration. This department issues procedures for implementing this policy, including procedures for searching Employees and their personal effects while on Company work locations and the procedures and forms for administering the testing programme.

Mr. Surath Khan
Managing Director

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